Position by Position Breakdown of Players Jan10


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Position by Position Breakdown of Players


Trying to determine what the Best 700 Individual Seasons in Major League Baseball during the last 92 years was a very difficult and demanding process. While some players are clear cut choices, going through that players career and figure out what his best season was isn’t.

Numbers of Players Chosen

This simulation is one of the Best individual Seasons, so there are some great players in Major League Baseball history who may have been left off the list. 60 players were chosen for Catchers, 1st Baseman, 2nd Baseman, Shortstops, and 3rd Baseman and 90 players for Outfielders, Starting and Relief Pitchers.

Position Breakdown

Catchers ‎

1st Baseman

2nd Baseman


3rd Baseman


Starting Pitchers

Relief Pitchers