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What Is It

Have you ever wondered what would happen if players of the past were able to play against the players of today?  Wait no more!!!   DreamTime Baseball will make that fantasy a reality.


Who Plays Who

I will look at many different scenarios such as Best Overall Seasons, Best Players by Franchises, Best Players by Decades, Best of the All-Star Games and many many more. The purpose will be also to get you, the fan involved in possible scenarios, discussions on teams/players picked and how those “Dream scenarios” actually would play out.


How Do We Do This

To play out these scenarios I have chosen to use Diamond-Mind Baseball , in my opinion it is the most realistic simulation on the market. Play Ball !!


Best of All-Star Seasons

In the latest edition of DreamTime Baseball, we will look at the “Best of All-Star Seasons” The very first All-Star game was played in 1933 and the last one to date was played in 2013. The game was not played in 1945 due to World War II. So what we here at DTB have done is break eight teams down into ten year periods. The teams will be as follows:

What Years Each League Covers

The Cooperstown League has individual players best seasons from 1920-1969

The Doubleday League has individual players best seasons from 1970-2012

I chose 1970 as the starting point for this league simply because that is the year I was born, so I just wanted one league of players before I was born and one after.


How Were The Players Chosen

The players were chosen by the best individual seasons they had.  Some factors included in the decision making process were Batting Average, HR’s, RBI’s, OPS, SLG, Stolen Bases, Runs scored for Hitters and Wins, Winning Percentage, Saves, ERA, WHIP, Batting Average against for Pitchers.  To go through 92 years of players stats to come up with, in my opinions the best 700 Individual seasons was an enormous undertaking.  I feel I have picked what I think are these players Best Seasons, if you feel differently please voice your thoughts and opinions in our comments section below.


How Teams Were Created

In both leagues the 25 man rosters are broken down as follows:

2 Catchers, 2 First Baseman, 3 Middle infielders, 2 Third Baseman, 5 Outfielders/Designated Hitters, 6 Starting Pitchers, 5 Relief Pitchers.


Team Names

I have chosen the Team Names based on actual Stadiums, since Diamond Mind provides an actual profile for how each and every stadium ever used in Major League Baseball History. So the City and name of the Stadium is how you will identify all 28 teams.


League Restrictions

To be eligible the player had to be one of the League qualifiers in terms of at bats for that season.

Each player can only have one season per League, for example can only take one of Mickey Mantle’s years, whichever is deemed the best (not an easy task).

Since some positions do not carry the overall depth that others do, even over a 40+ year time frame, if a player has played a position other than that in which he played in the season I chose to use, and the simulator Diamond Mind Baseball has a defensive rating for that player at the alternate position, that player may have been chosen to play the secondary position. (ex: Gary Sheffield’s 2000 season was chosen, he played OF that year, but with Third Base being a much thinner position than Outfield, and having played 468 games in his career as a Third Baseman, he was selected as a Third Baseman)