Here is the 25 man roster of Best All-Star seasons from 1943-1953. Remember, if a player didn’t make the All-Star game that season, it wasn’t considered. *No All-Star game was played in 1945 due to World War II.

1953 Roy Campanella: During this 10 year period, Campanella won the MVP award twice, however his 1953 campaign was a much stronger statistical year than his 1951 one. 41 homers, 142 runs batted in and 103 runs scored were the highlights.
1950 Yogi Berra: While Berra would win MVP in 1951, the preceding year we felt he was much better posting a .322 batting average, .533 slugging percentage while scoring 116 runs.

1947 Johnny Mize: After not making the 1933-1942 team thanks to Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx, Mize led the league with 51 round-trippers, 138 runs batted in, and 137 runs scored and somehow finished 3rd in the MVP voting.
1950 Walt Dropo: Dropo made the All-Star team just this one time over his 13-year career, but a .322 batting average, 34 home runs and 144 runs batted in was good enough for Rookie of the Year honors, as well as a spot on this roster.

1949 Jackie Robinson: Robinson’s first of his six All-Star team appearances was by far his best. League leading .342 batting average, 16 long balls, driving in 124 runs and 37 stolen bases.

1949 Vern Stephens: Who said Shortstops didn’t have power in the past? Stephens walloped 39 dingers, had a league high 159 RBI’s, walked 101 times to make this squad.
1948 Lou Boudreau: Maybe the games most prolific contact hitter, his other numbers were solid, .355/18/106 BA/HR/RBI but he walked 98 times and struck out just 9….that’s right 9 times in 676 plate appearances.

1953 Al Rosen: Usually when you lead the league in 7 offensive categories and win the MVP, easily makes Rosen a choice for the team…..the 43 homers and 145 runs batted in didn’t hurt either.
1953 Eddie Mathews: Mathews belted 47 homers, drove in 135 and hit .302 in 1953, and like fellow hot corner mate Rosen, he barely beat the cutoff by having his best season in 1953.

1949 Ted Williams: Well he didn’t hit over .400 in 1949, but 150 runs scored, 39 doubles, 43 home runs, 159 runs batted in, 162 walks, .490 on base percentage, .650 slugging and 368 total bases all good enough to lead the American League makes Williams a no brainer once again.
1948 Stan Musial: Musial made the All-Star team all 10 years included for this roster so it really became down to picking which season was his best. We went with his MVP season of 1948 in which he hit .376, had a .702 slugging percentage and an OPS of 1.152.
1949 Ralph Kiner: The Pirates slugger had his best year in 1949 with a career high 54 homers, 127 runs batted in, and .658 slugging percentage.
1953 Duke Snider: Another player who gets in as this 10 year period came to a close. Snider went .336/42/126 Avg/HR/RBI in 1953. Mix in league leading totals of 132 runs scored and 370 total bases and Snider makes the squad.
1945 Tommy Holmes: Holmes led the NL with 224 hits, 47 doubles, 28 home runs and a .997 OPS in finishing 2nd in the MVP voting. Throw in 15 stolen bases and just 9 strikeouts in 636 at bats and Holmes is the teams 5th Outfielder.

1943 Spud Chandler: Chandler compiled a 20-4 record with a league leading 1.64 ERA and 0.99 WHIP, mix in 20 complete games and 5 shutouts and Chandler was picked as the ace of this squad.
1946 Hal Newhouser: Real tough call here as Newhouser won a total of 70 games between 1944 and 1946, but we went with 1946. Actually, the staff of DTB probably would have selected the 1945 over the 1946 season, but with no All-Star game that season wasn’t eligible. 26-9 with a 1.94 ERA wasn’t shabby so that year gets the nod.
1953 Warren Spahn: Another 1953 entry as Spahn went 23-7, had an ERA+ of 188 and a league best 1.06 WHIP. The southpaw would end up winning the Cy Young in 1957, so we may see his name again as the other rosters unfold.
1952 Robin Roberts: Talk about a workhorse, Roberts won 28 games as he hurled 330 innings in 1952. Roberts completed a whopping 30 games and if those 28 W’s weren’t enough, he chipped in with a pair of saves also.
1948 Harry Brechen: Brechen only made the All-Star team twice, but his 1948 season was good enough to make the roster. 20-7 with a 2.24 ERA, he led the league with 7 shutouts and 149 strikeouts.
1944 Dizzy Trout: Usually someone who loses over 10 games in a season has a hard time making a “Best individual seasons” roster, but 27-14 record and 2.12 ERA, gave Trout a shot, the 33 complete games, 7 shutouts and167 ERA+ clinched his spot.
1952 Bobby Shantz: Once again, if a pitcher wins the MVP he usually makes the team. Shantz won a league high 24 games, posted a 2.48 ERA and 1.05 WHIP.
1944 Tex Hughson: This three time All-Star went 18-5 with a 2.26 ERA with a American League best 1.05 WHIP, Hughson also picked up 5 saves as well.
1946 Howie Pollet: After two years in the US Military, Pollet returned to the big leagues in 1946 and won 21 games, had a 2.10 ERA in leading the National League with 266 innings pitched and a 165 ERA+
1947 Ewell Blackwell: Blackwell made the All-Star team six straight years from 1946-1951. DTB chose his 1947 season as his best, 22 wins, 23 complete games, and 193 strikeouts all career best made that decision easy.
1950 Jim Konstanty: In an era where teams didn’t have specific closers, Konstanty saved 22 games in 1950, while also winning 16 and appearing in league high 74 games.

Joe DiMaggio: We know he was an easy selection for the 1933-1942 squad with his 1939 season, he had a very respectable season in 1948 going .320/39/155 AVG/HR/RBI, but the DTB staff feels very confident with the 5 Outfielders they picked.

1943-1953 ROSTER
1953 Roy Campanella
1950 Yogi Berra
1947 Johnny Mize
1950 Walt Dropo
1949 Jackie Robinson
1949 Vern Stephens
1948 Lou Boudreau
1953 Al Rosen
1953 Eddie Mathews
1949 Ted Williams
1948 Stan Musial
1949 Ralph Kiner
1953 Duke Snider
1945 Tommy Holmes
1943 Spud Chandler
1945 Hal Newhouser
1953 Warren Spahn
1952 Robin Roberts
1948 Harry Brechen
1944 Dizzy Trout
1952 Bobby Shantz
1944 Tex Hughson
1946 Howie Pollet
1947 Ewell Blackwell
1950 Jim Konstanty